Alpha Protist - Live at the Kenton Club, 8/17/2013 (BlasphuphmusRadio.com)

-- What --
It's a Live Rock Radio Party! Brought to you by BlasphuphmusRadio.com.

-- Who --

-- When --
Saturday, August 17, 2013

-- Where -- 
The World Famous Kenton Club
2025 N Kilpatrick St
Portland, OR 97217

-- How (Much) --
Bring $4 with you. (Also, free merch!)

-- Why --


FREE SHOW ALERT :: Admiran - Live at Slim's, 7/27/2013 (BlasphuphmusRadio.com)

Battlesnakes founding member and noisengineer Admiran shakes the seclusion!

-- What --
Experimental Podcast Party

-- Who --
Ryan A Ray
Delusions of Parasitosis
The Black Noise Orchestra

-- When --
Saturday, July 27, 2013

-- Where --
8635 N. Lombard Ave.
Portland, OR 97203

-- How (Much) --
Free (gratis, $0.00, etc.)

-- Why --
BlasphuphmusRadio.com !!!

You Heard Something


[[UPDATE: CANCELED]] Havana Beach Party 1959 - Live @ Plan B tonight! (Free show w/ The Heevees)

[[UPDATE]] Havana Beach Party 1959 @ Plan B has been **CANCELED** due to short notice scheduling SNAFU w/ Plan B. Sorry to all for the even shorter notice notice. Plans are in the works for The Heevees and Beach Party in October, so stay tuned.

Havana Beach Party 1959 with The Heevees, live @ Plan B for Green Light Night. Fake movie trailers, no cover charge (!!!), a hellafied bar, and rock and roll. Tonight, Sat. 9/18, 8pm, 21+.

Plan B

1305 SE 8th Ave (SE 8th & Main)
Portland, OR 97214


Havana Beach Party 1959 @ Ella St. Social Club, March 16th, w/ The Heevees

Mark your calendars early, kids. Havana Beach Party 1959 will be live with The Heevees!

9pm Tuesday, 3/16/10 @ Ella St. Social Club, 714 SW 20th (downtown PDX, near PGE Park).

21+, and only $2. (That's not a typo. $2. Got a dollar? Got another one? Bring 'em both!)


Outrage is a Hat now on Gimmesound.

Outrage Is A Hat has joined Animauled, Alpha Protist, and Nil Admirari on Gimmesound. You've always been able to download every Battlesnakes release for free, now you can give to a good cause doing it.

Join us in welcoming Outrage Is A Hat to the new paradigm of free giving!

New album from Outrage Is A Hat out now!

Outrage Is A Hat has again blessed the world with his new album Jack Spicer's Radio. Ambient, experimental, atmospheric, genius, haunting, glorious....no description can do this marvel justice.

Listen below. Free download here.

Quit your job. Sell everything you own. Lose the girlfriend. This is the new real thing.

You heard the hell outta something!


New album from Animauled out now!

Stalking Rainbows, the new album from Battlesnakes Records' favorite son Animauled, is out now. Ethereal post-ambient indie folk that will make you a believer...again!

Hear it here, and get it free.

Hear! Hear!


Havana Beach Party 1959 @ Kelly's Olympian, 1/16/10, with The Woolen Men & Cut House You

Havana Beach Party 1959, live with The Woolen Men and Cut House You, and The Charts.

10pm Saturday, 1/16/10 @ The Knife Shop (Kelly's Olympian), 426 SW Washington (Downtown PDX, on Washington between 4th & 5th).

Bring $5.00, a pair of ears, and your drinking cap. 21 & up, so bring your (real-ish looking) I.D.


Havana Beach Party 1959. Live! Fri. 12/11/09, 8pm.

Everybody, it's a Beach Party. Bring a towel, grab your friends.

The Where: Work/Sound, 820 SE Alder St., Portland, OR 97214 When: Friday, 12/11/2009, 8pm
The Who: Havana Beach Party 1959, with The Taxpayers, The Erns, and List
The What: Live rock/roll/destructo-surf!
The Why: Because you know, deep down, in your heart of hearts, in your soul of souls, it's the RIGHT thing to do.
The How: Your ears, your eyes, your heart, your pants.
No, really. The What?: http://battlesnakesnow.com/havanabeachparty1959

You heard something, now you're about to see something.


Nil Admirari begins the YouTube invasion.

The video for A Stitch In Spacetime, from Nil Admirari's half-debut EP Your Body And Radiation is out now. A mid-fi visual spectacle for your viewing adequacy. Bring pants.

(Download me!)

More to follow soon. You know that something? You just heard it.


New EP from Outrage Is A Hat available now.

New magic from Outrage Is A Hat. An EP of layered brilliance, brilliared layerance, counterpoint, polyphony, counterphony, polypoint, acoustanship, and musicism.

Raise Your Cities in the White Plains (donwload, or listen here)

Consider yourself having heard something.


Battlesnakes on Recharged Radio :: 7.31.2009

Recharged Radio blessed the world on 7.31's Friday Forum with two tracks from the Erupt 2008 comp: Tha Coronerz' Chrimstas Blowjob and Havana Beach Party 1959's American Frog. Much love and ruminations on Portland, OR, and how the Dandy Warhols should be awaiting an email soon. Just one thing...when they say battlesnakes.com, you hear battlesnakesNOW.com .

Hear the segment (or download)

Dig Friday Forum every Friday, 7pm in the UK, 11am on the Left Coast US at RechargedRadio.com. This episode and others available on their Podcast (iTunes, or Otherwise).

You heard that something!


Alpha Proitst / Admiran split ep out now!

New split EP from Alpha Protist & Admiran! Chemical Men :: Concise lo-fi acoustic art from Alpha Protist. Weathered :: Generalized no-fi noise strangeness from Admiran.

Theirs is a collection that will warm your heart, and then anger it.

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Find us everywhere across yonder Interwebs

We've added pointers to our Facebook and Twitter sites among our Links. You can also find our Myspace and Last.fm homes; check out demo's, works in progress, and unreleased tracks on Soundcloud; and link up to other musicians, radio stations, artists, and bloggers.

Want us to link you? Comment to this post, or throw us words (you got lots of options)

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Lost photographs of Nil Admirari and Alpha Protist

From the 5.9.2009 live set on KPSU's Blasphuphmus Radio. Photos here: http://bit.ly/qdA4p . Become a fan of Battlesnakes while you're there (you love us in real life, now love us in fake life).

You heard something.


Esmar Road on Recharged Radio! :: 7.31.2009

Friday Forum on Recharged Radio specializes in underground and unsigned music from around the world, placing it gently inside your face every Friday night from 7pm - 9pm London Time (that's 11am West Coast Hippie Time, 2pm East Coast Yankee/Rebel Time).

Next week, 7.31.2009, our beloved traveler Esmar Road will be among the featured artists on Friday Forum. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or check it out online.

For those itching for Esmar Road and can't wait, don't forget that the full-length The Man Is Armed and the My First Murder and Stupid Cute ep's are still available, still free, still here.

You will most certainly have heard something.


Battlesnakes on KAOS-FM :: 6.25.2009

More hot Battlesnakes on KAOS-FM action. DJ Weewl snuck more of us under your very noses. June 25th's Are Friends Electric? on KAOS-FM was peppered with selections from Erupt, the 2008 Compilation. Hear it, or get it.

hour 1
01. Bibio - [Ambivalence Avenue] All The Flowers
02. John & Beverly Martyn - [lovefingers.org] Auntie Aviator
03. Rod Stewart - [Top 100 Dance Hits] Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
04. grauzone - eisbär
05. FÜHRS AND FRÖHLING - [Ammerland] Gentle Breeze
06. Prince - [The B-Sides] Girl ( LP Version)
07. Applebeast - [Erupt (Battlesnakes 2008 Compliation)] Hey There
08. Bibio - [Ambivalence Avenue] Jealous Of Roses
09. The Human League - Marianne (Remix)
10. a certain ratio - shack up
11. Bruce Springsteen - [lovefingers.org] State Trooper
12. Thomas Fehlmann - [Honigpumpe] Strahlensatz
13. Animal Collective - [Summertime Clothes Remixes] Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk Remix)
14. Black Sabbath - [Mindless Boogie Edits] Symptom Of The Universe (Lexx Symptom Of The Sea Edit)
15. Nick Nicely - [lovefingers.org] Treeline
16. D-Train - [Absolutely... The Very Best Of Prelude Records (CD 1)] You're The One For Me (Extended Album Mix)

hour 2
01. WHITE RAINBOW - [justuffs] stuuups
02. Wham! - [The Best Of Wham!] Club Tropicana
03. Nosaj Thing - [Drift] Quest
04. Nosaj Thing - [Drift] Fog
05. Nosaj Thing - [Drift]Coat of Arms
06. ttc - léguman
07. Sam Taylor-Wood & Pet Shop Boys - [I'm In Love With A German Film Star] I'm In Love With A German Film Star (Original Radio Edit)
08. Eraldo Bernocchi, Thomas Fehlmann - [manual] add water
09. Fabricate: Charles Atlas Remixed - [Fabricate: Charles Atlas Remixed] Strategy - One Foot Under
10. Alpha Protist - [Erupt (Battlesnakes 2008 Compliation)] Swim Lesson
11. alio die--in gowan ring--jack - [noctural sessions] moon lullaby
12. Animauled - [Erupt (Battlesnakes 2008 Compliation)] Iced Cream
13. Bibio - [Hand Cranked] Black Country Blues
14. KLF - [Chill Out] Dream Time in Lake Jackson
15. Various - [Pop Ambient 2009] 11. the fun years - i am speaking through barbara

Listen to Weewl turn it out some more on Are Friends Electric?, Thursdays nights, 11pm - 1am Pacific Time only on KAOS 89.3FM Olympia, WA, or kaos.evergreen.edu.

Support our artists AND a good cause for free!

You love four things: Battlesnakes, free music, charitable giving, and all three at once. Now you can download Battlesnakes (still always free) AND give something back. Battlesnakes is proud to announce a presence on Gimme Sound (gimmesound.com), a new way to support artists and charitable nonprofits simultaneously - for FREE! It's free money going where it ought to go, a stimulus FROM the public. The more you download from Gimme Sound, more cash goes to bands and your favorite charity...and NONE of that cash is out of your pocket!

- Downloading Animauled supports the ACLU Foundation (and Animauled).
- Downloading Alpha Protist supports the Darfur Rehabilitation Project (and Alpha Protist)
- Downloading Nil Admirari and supports St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital (and Nil Admirari).

More Battlesnakes artists will arrive soon, but don't wait. There over 600 bands and artists - independent, unsigned, and from a growing list of indie labels - with thousands of free tracks supporting over 60 nonprofits, including:

American Cancer Society Foundation
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Amnesty International of the USA
City Year, Inc.
Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc.
Greenpeace Fund, Inc.
Habitat for Humanity International
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Prison Fellowship Ministries
Save Darfur Coalition
Southern Poverty Law Center
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Union of Concerned Scientists, Inc.
Vegan Outreach
VH1 Save the Music Foundation
World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
(more organizations are listed at gimmesound.com...or you can suggest your own!)

Sign-up is free. Downloads are free. Choose where donations go, or you can let the artist (or the site) choose. You can give nothing, and give so much at the same time.

Free. Legal. Giving. Battlesnakes. YES!

Happy birthday, Alpha Protist (7.19.2009)

Alpha Protist, a.k.a. Joel Gaddis, a.k.a. Almost Collossus, a.k.a. Genius Forgiver. One year older and more bitter. Whiskey abound at Casa La Protista on 7.18.09 for those in the battleknow.


(long overdue) Animauled :: Live on KAOS :: 5.7.2009

More Battlesnakes artists on the airwaves! KAOS-FM's DJ Weewl featured Battlesnakes' own Animauled on Are Friends Electric? way back when. Dig Animauled at around the 1 hr, 27 min. mark.

Complete Playlist:
Circle vs. Square - Burner
Prefuse 73 - Parachute Panador
Royksopp - This Must Be It
Gucci Soundsystem - Acarpenter
Metro Area - Soft Hoop
Magnus International - Kosmetisk
Real Life - Send me an Angel
Pantha Du Prince - Satin Drone
The Rolling Stones - Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Mix)
Mahogany Rush - Chains of (s)pace
Ochre - Ourcade
Copy - Fist
Isolee - My Hi-Matic
Mount Kimbie - Maybes
Quiet Village - Keep On Rolling
Empire of the Sun - Country
Spacemen 3 - Honey
Bibio - Amongst the Bark and the Fungus
Animauled - Winter Sudetenland
Bobby Birdman - Request of the Universe
Jan Jelinek - Rock in the Video Age
Jimmy Edgar - Teletraux
GAS - Nach 1912
Phantom/Ghost - Perfect Lovers

Listen to Weewl turn it out some more on Are Friends Electric?, Thursdays nights, 11pm - 1am Pacific Time only on KAOS 89.3FM Olympia, WA, or kaos.evergreen.edu. Hit him up, demand more, More, MORE!


Battlesnakes Records is mobile.

We're testing our mobility ability! Stay tuned for more good shit, including more places to hear Battlesnakes artists, new forthcoming music, and how downloading free music can help out charities (we no lie!). You DEFINITELY heard something!

Love, Battlesnakes Records


Alpha Protist - 'Sic eros' (single)

Sic eros, a taste of new Alpha Protist (from the forthcoming album, Chemical Men).

Don't forget; more singles, demos, and works-in-progress on SoundCloud.


Alpha Protist (w/ Nil Admirari) - Lousse (live)

The original live rendition of Lousse, from Alpha Protist's debut, Feral Tributaries.

More works-in-progress, demo's, etc. here: soundcloud.com/battlesnakes


Battlesnakes :: Live on KPSU :: 5.9.2009 (listen/download)

Nil Admirari and Alpha Protist, in the studio for Blasphuphmus Radio on KPSU, 5.9.2009. Doughnut and caffeine fueled chit chat and akward live acousti-rock.

Can't see the player above? Download here. Playlist here.

Many thanks to Blasphuphmus Radio's Austin Rich & KPSU (Portland State University student radio.)

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