Support our artists AND a good cause for free!

You love four things: Battlesnakes, free music, charitable giving, and all three at once. Now you can download Battlesnakes (still always free) AND give something back. Battlesnakes is proud to announce a presence on Gimme Sound (gimmesound.com), a new way to support artists and charitable nonprofits simultaneously - for FREE! It's free money going where it ought to go, a stimulus FROM the public. The more you download from Gimme Sound, more cash goes to bands and your favorite charity...and NONE of that cash is out of your pocket!

- Downloading Animauled supports the ACLU Foundation (and Animauled).
- Downloading Alpha Protist supports the Darfur Rehabilitation Project (and Alpha Protist)
- Downloading Nil Admirari and supports St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital (and Nil Admirari).

More Battlesnakes artists will arrive soon, but don't wait. There over 600 bands and artists - independent, unsigned, and from a growing list of indie labels - with thousands of free tracks supporting over 60 nonprofits, including:

American Cancer Society Foundation
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Amnesty International of the USA
City Year, Inc.
Darfur Rehabilitation Project, Inc.
Greenpeace Fund, Inc.
Habitat for Humanity International
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Prison Fellowship Ministries
Save Darfur Coalition
Southern Poverty Law Center
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Union of Concerned Scientists, Inc.
Vegan Outreach
VH1 Save the Music Foundation
World Wildlife Fund, Inc.
(more organizations are listed at gimmesound.com...or you can suggest your own!)

Sign-up is free. Downloads are free. Choose where donations go, or you can let the artist (or the site) choose. You can give nothing, and give so much at the same time.

Free. Legal. Giving. Battlesnakes. YES!

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