Havana Beach Party 1959. Live! Fri. 12/11/09, 8pm.

Everybody, it's a Beach Party. Bring a towel, grab your friends.

The Where: Work/Sound, 820 SE Alder St., Portland, OR 97214 When: Friday, 12/11/2009, 8pm
The Who: Havana Beach Party 1959, with The Taxpayers, The Erns, and List
The What: Live rock/roll/destructo-surf!
The Why: Because you know, deep down, in your heart of hearts, in your soul of souls, it's the RIGHT thing to do.
The How: Your ears, your eyes, your heart, your pants.
No, really. The What?: http://battlesnakesnow.com/havanabeachparty1959

You heard something, now you're about to see something.

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