(long overdue) Animauled :: Live on KAOS :: 5.7.2009

More Battlesnakes artists on the airwaves! KAOS-FM's DJ Weewl featured Battlesnakes' own Animauled on Are Friends Electric? way back when. Dig Animauled at around the 1 hr, 27 min. mark.

Complete Playlist:
Circle vs. Square - Burner
Prefuse 73 - Parachute Panador
Royksopp - This Must Be It
Gucci Soundsystem - Acarpenter
Metro Area - Soft Hoop
Magnus International - Kosmetisk
Real Life - Send me an Angel
Pantha Du Prince - Satin Drone
The Rolling Stones - Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Mix)
Mahogany Rush - Chains of (s)pace
Ochre - Ourcade
Copy - Fist
Isolee - My Hi-Matic
Mount Kimbie - Maybes
Quiet Village - Keep On Rolling
Empire of the Sun - Country
Spacemen 3 - Honey
Bibio - Amongst the Bark and the Fungus
Animauled - Winter Sudetenland
Bobby Birdman - Request of the Universe
Jan Jelinek - Rock in the Video Age
Jimmy Edgar - Teletraux
GAS - Nach 1912
Phantom/Ghost - Perfect Lovers

Listen to Weewl turn it out some more on Are Friends Electric?, Thursdays nights, 11pm - 1am Pacific Time only on KAOS 89.3FM Olympia, WA, or kaos.evergreen.edu. Hit him up, demand more, More, MORE!

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